PEAR Installer Manifesto from Packt Publishing – next week!

It’s official, the PEAR Installer Manifesto, a book I just finished on the PEAR Installer will be released by Packt Publishing next week. This book originally started as two chapters in the recently released PEAR Book. After receiving the first chapter, a 70-page behemoth on the features available in package.xml version 2.0, the publisher decided this was too exciting and should be its own book.

I wrote a total of 6 chapters for a total of 270 pages (and yes, the 70-page behemoth has been split into two smaller, much more manageable chapters). Each chapter explores a different aspect of the PEAR Installer, and it goes much further than any previous text on fully taking advantage of its features. Radical ideas such as using the PEAR Installer to maintain a live website (as we will soon do with itself), and embedding the PEAR Installer directly inside a web application are explored in detail with sample code needed to actually do it. One common question – whether one can distribute a closed-source or otherwise restricted application using the PEAR Installer – is also answered with actual code showing how to do it.

To be honest, I was a little surprised by the choice of the title (I suggested another title) as it comes off a bit stronger than I feel totally comfortable with.  However, the truth is that I am a rather vocal advocate for the benefits of the PEAR Installer, and this text captures the reasons for that as well as providing a helpful reference for “everything PEAR Installer.” So, manifesto or not, this is a comprehensive guide that will challenge the way you think about developing in PHP.  I hope you will find it useful, I put lots of hours into writing both the PEAR Installer and this book on how to use it.

Until it is published next week, you can pre-order it directly from Packt at 20% off.

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5 comments on “PEAR Installer Manifesto from Packt Publishing – next week!
  1. Martin Jansen says:


  2. Jan Schneider says:

    Great news, congratulations! I’m really looking forward the book.

  3. Jeff Moore says:

    Timely. Thanks.

  4. Arnaud says:

    Congratulations :)

  5. Paul M. Jones says:

    Dude, congratulations! This is *so* needed. :-)

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