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Working with qooxdoo and PHP

Since the birth of my daughter, I have not been spending much time coding in PHP, let along writing about it. Recently, however, the professional necessity of developing a new website for the Chiara Quartet that would allow better workflow pushed …

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Pyrus, PEAR2 and web code coverage report for phpt-based tests

It’s been a while since I reported on any of my PHP activities, and this update is long overdue. I must apologize to Davey for not doing my 7 things, and to all of the facebook people for whom I didn’t write 25 things. I am somehow not at all moti…

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Music, PEAR, phar, namespaces and Macs. Oh my!

Why the tri-partite title? I’ve been silent for a while on the blog, but the title sums up my life for the past several months. What have I been doing? Aside from some crazy music work learning a blisteringly difficult Elliot Carter String Quar…

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For those of you who were wondering where went, we suffered the same fate as Josh Eichorn’s blog and other sites, but all has been restored.

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Working towards Pyrus and PEAR2, check it out or miss out

Hello all. It’s been a very busy time for me, what with suddenly having a full gaggle of new cello students to teach at UNL as well as a fully loaded performance schedule for the quartet, but I have been finding time to code. My priority has bee…

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quick review of Pixy vulnerability scanner for PEAR users

Just a quick note, I tried out the Pixy XSS and SQLI Scanner ( on a few simple PEAR files. On the first, I got a java exception, on the second it was unable to resolve the simplest of includes (no…

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It’s been a while since my last blog post, I’ve found myself with more limited free time than usual and have thus had to focus on the really important things. I was recently elected president of PEAR (I ran unopposed, so it’s a durn good thing I …

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Is anything working in PEAR?

Yes. If you have been living on a desert island and haven’t already done so, it’s time to take another look at to see what is up.Newly elected PEAR Group member Josh Eichorn posted a blog entry, “How would you improve PEAR” rec…

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holy release party, batman

OK, today’s release party wins. I’ve just uploaded the 8th package for release, and it’s a very significant day of releases.First, the PEAR website now supports patch tracking in its bug tracker, as well as the ability to auto-generate a package….

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Vote in the first PEAR election

As of February 22, 2007, I have called an official referendum on the future of PEAR. There is a news item on the front page of with the same instructions in this message. This election is only open to PEAR developers who have contri…

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